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In 1956, Nu-Core engineers developed the basic elements of water-cooled, high-current secondary electrical systems, a technology that is now an industry standard for the efficient transfer of ultra-high-current transmission throughout the world.

Today, Nu-Core's water-cooled flexible power cables, high-current electrical bus systems, delta closures, bus tubes, electrode holders and other specialty copper components are preferred by many of the world's leading engineering firms.

Nu-Core designs, engineers and builds the most advanced ultra high powered electrical bus systems and specialty copper components in the world. Our high-power bus systems serve steel, fiberglass, chlorine, chemical and other ultra-high electrical energy industrial processes worldwide.

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Nu-Core's technicians continually strive to develop new and improved techniques to deliver excellent products at a fair price. We have the knowledge and proven track record to build any high-current bus system to your demanding specifications.

Our repair capabilities are recognized worldwide as a first class operation. Whether repairs are done in our factory, or on-site, we deliver the highest quality repairs in as short of time possible.

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